Posters, Campaign, Print
Completed for: Southern Baptist Convention

The Cooperative Program is the plan through which Southern Baptist churches give to support their state conventions and the Southern Baptist Convention. In 2021, the Oklahoma Baptist Convention launched a promotional campaign to bring awareness of the Cooperative Program's mission and ministry into Oklahoma Baptist churches.

A three-up layout of Cooperative Program posters for this campaign.

A roll-up pop-up banner thanking event attendees for supporting the Cooperative Program through their church.

Why market the Cooperative Program?

Despite its prevalance and widespread effects, many Oklahoma Baptists have never heard of the Cooperative Program. Even of those who have, they may not know how it works or how their church is able to participate.

A poster mounted to the side of a building, depicting a missionary doctor examining a patient.

A poster displayed on tiled wall, showing a young woman being baptized outside a local Oklahoma church.

A poster displayed in a dark subway, showing a young man being baptized at a NAMB-funded church plant.

A billboard over an empty courtyard, encouraging viewers to become a Cooperative Progarm ambassador.

The guide for Cooperative Program Ambassadors