Javascript, Performance, Static-Sites

Schwfity is my first published Javascript library. It aims to help static sites join the instant-load party 🥳 with native and progressive apps.

Aren't static sites already fast?

Yes! Static sites can have serious performance advantages. However, there are several "gotchas" where they can be slowed down dramatically.

It's possible to have these all dialed in, but even a highly-optimized server is sometimes not able to deliver smooth, instantaneous navigation.

Popular hosting services like Netlify and Github Pages do a lot of these optimizations for you. That said, users on average connections can wait at least 300ms for page loads.

How does Schwifty solve this problem?

Schwifty acheives crazy-fast speeds by preloading and caching same-origin pages. It essentially ~lazy-loads~ lazy-preloads links as they scroll into view. When a link is clicked, the content is swapped out and navigation happens.

Finally, Schwifty is built for the lightest possible client-side load. That's why it's only 1.1kb.