I'm Braden.
I sometimes ship hot garbage

How it started

About 5 years ago, my hobby grew into an identity design studio catering to local Oklahoma businesses. As I learned about design systems and patterns, I was thrilled about how they can be leveraged on the web.

How it's going

I currently live in Oklahoma City, working as part of the creative group for Oklahoma Baptists ⛪. I've played a role in many large projects, from designing web experiences to event themes. Along the way, I've learned uncommon skills like working with tricky software and picky printing houses.

What I'm doing now

My best work revolves around static sites, CSS animation, and front-end performance 🏆. I've explored a wide variety of Javascript toolings including React, Svelte, and Next.js, but prefer a framework-less approach.

Is there anything I could help you with?

Email me and I'll make myself available for a quick call or a coffee run.

“All the paths we might have taken factor somehow into the math of our identity.”
― Blake Crouch, Dark Matter