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Completed for: The Voice of the Martyrs


In recent years, Christians in Africa have faced a rise in violence and persecution from Islamic extremist groups. Militant groups have gone to great lengths in attempts to stamp out church activities and evangelism in Africa. The stories of these believers needed to be shared with the global Church.

Through the report's design, I wanted to show the energy and fervor with which Christianity is resisting and overcoming persecution in Africa.

Project details

This was a multi-piece mailing package comprised of:

Unique challenges

After final approval in September 2022, I started collaborating with our print vendor. Although the proofs looked good, I requested a second set of color proofs to make absolutely sure the natural color tones in the photography were dialed in. As part of this process, I used a color-calibrated monitor and proofing lightbox to make subtle tweaks for accuracy in the final product.

Inside Spread

Outside Spread

I also participated in an art-direction role to guide the design of a landing page, the digital version of this report. This helped additional readers experience the printed report within a web context.


The final design of the special report was enthusiastically approved by organizational leadership in September 2022. At this point, I began working with our team and vendor to print and produce the mailing. In December, this report was mailed to roughly 500,000 recipients all over the world, showing how African Christians are standing firm in the face of Islamic extremism.

A screenshot from the hero section of the Africa Special Report web page

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